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A new dance, known as the "Leumbeul", is attracting a growing number of Senegalese women who do not mind showing off their otherwise private parts. Controversy has been raging on for several months in Senegal over the "Leumbeul" dance, especially after the release of sexually provocative videos on the Internet. One of the videos shows women gyrating and rolling their behinds to the rhythm of drums without hesitating to show their most intimate parts. Many believe that "Leumbeul", which is originally a traditional dance, has morphed into a practice that they deem detrimental to the image of the Senegalese woman.

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Senegalese traditional dance, sex or pornography? -
Questions time , which country has the highest HIV and Aids Globally? With Starving refugees and dying children and all the other donate claims .. Well I guess by that exhibition of the "Secret Parts" made available . I also guess the reasons for the above health issues become partially answered dont they - Tuesday 30 November 2010 - 21:21


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