The fifteen members of the African French zone celebrate the 40th anniversary of monetary cooperation with France on October 5 in Paris.


South Africa: A dish way to cook in compliance with Kyoto protocol

Facebook removes violent ’intifada’ page

First images of planet Mercury released

News Corp. passes MySpace over to Vevo?

MTV prepares Facebook documentary

Amazon previews digital music locker

MySpace loses 10 million users in one month

Rap lawsuit raises digital music service questions

Int’l iPad2 launch causes worldwide frenzy

Africans lend tech savvy to elections, banking, education

Social media and cyber-activism in North Africa’s revolution

BlackBerry launches PlayBook tablet at $499

African hi-tech taking leading position

Apple sues Amazon over Appstore name

Twitter turns five years old

Amazon Appstore opens Tuesday

AT&T buys T-Mobile rival for $39 billion

Namibia and Zimbabwe politicians confront new technology

Adobe caves in to Apple by converting Flash

Racist anti-Asian YouTube rant sparks outrage

Apple sells over 600,000 iPads in three days

Hewlett-Packard moves into cloud computing

Warner Bros. allows Facebook movie rentals

Cars may incorporate iPad technology

Over 15,000 used iPads post on eBay

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