After Lori Pappas first arrived in the Omo River Valley in southwestern Ethiopia three years ago, the first thing she did was conduct a survey of working water wells in the area.

Ghana: Pure Home Water for the north

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Australia preparing for more floods

Floods affect over 200,000 in Sri Lanka

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Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya : Indian Multinational Company Confirms USD 6 Million Order to Set up Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants

Water partnership initiative begins in Ethiopia, India, Brazil and Mali

Ugandan women appeal to Museveni over sex and boreholes

Southern Sudan and World Bank sign $30M water deal

Southern Sudan: Ambitious water project to cover all ten states

Ethiopia-Egypt accords, a danger to Nile Basin negotiations?

Nile Basin: Ethiopia disappointed over Egypt and Sudan’s unfair advantage

Water crisis in Algeria may get worse


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