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Africa Renewal magazine, published by the United Nations, examines Africa’s development, achievements and challenges. It provides expert analysis and on-the-spot reporting to show how policies affect Africa’s people.

End game in Côte d’Ivoire marks a new beginning

Africa’s ‘Growth is not accompanied by employment’?

Africans lend tech savvy to elections, banking, education

Social media and cyber-activism in North Africa’s revolution

African hi-tech taking leading position

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Empowering Women: Governments must "practice what they preach"

Africa’s MDG Quagmire: Moving beyond the goals

Sudan referenda uncertainty breeds talk of conflict

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Africa must feed itself

Africa’s remarkable fight against poverty

The bright spots of Millenium Development Goals in Africa

Africa’s unfinished independence

UN Global Compact: ’The deeper meaning of fighting corruption is transparency’

The historic retreat of African autocrats

The ‘long walk’ to equality for African women

African media: 50 year journey from hell to the voice of democracy

Africa’s "wind of change" and a 50 year struggle

Africans seek to halt abuse of disabled persons

Giving Africa’s displaced people a new lease of life

Access to HIV/AIDS drugs: A crisis in waiting

In Liberia women follow in president’s footsteps

Technology: Africa’s way out

Africa should step up Millennium Development Goals

In Africa ‘the real challenge is governance’

Africa’s war on coup d’etats

Africa and AIDS: Towards success

Africa’s development: Opening up to broader ownership

Africa: Cleaning out armies’ ranks to protect women

Climate deal: ’An essential beginning’ but hard work lies ahead

Africa doubts promises after saving Copenhagen climate talks

No school fees policy challenges: Comparing the Kenyan and Malawian models

Africans reach out in solidarity with Haiti

Police and private security in Africa and dangerous partnerships

Land grabs in Africa: "The stakes are huge"

Africa: Dealing with human trafficking, forced sex and labour

International Criminal Court: Justice or racial double standards?

Cimate Change: Time for Africa to aggressively engage in negotiations

Africa: Gunmen for rent

Kenya: Political risks could kill inspiring local investment models

Africa: Foreign fishing fleets depleting a potential wealth resource

Trade: Africa must play smart with Asia not just submit to partner strategies!

Road to recession recovery: What about Africa?

Africa and the G-20 promises: Deal or wishful thinking?

Financing Africa’s greatest resource: Women

Africa: A brighter future ahead despite global downturn

A more transparent mining industry to profit Africans

Dealing with Africa’s abusive Police and Security forces

Zimbabwe: The storm is far from over

Global economic downturn: Africa walking a tightrope

Africa: Banks take a new interest in women

Profiting from the global economic meltdown

Africa: Catching up with the world

African Trade: From Cairo to Cape Town through Nairobi

Global crisis: African "Fear" and Western doublespeak

Stopping Piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Guinea

African economies more resilient to the global crisis?

Africa’s hidden wealth and the Banking challenge

Western influence erodes as Africa looks to Asia

Women hiding their HIV status for fear of being battered

Better health care only a telephone click away

Kenyan crisis : A blow to East Africa

Men fighting for women’s equality

AIDS deaths are declining, reports UN

Water for all: Different approaches to common challenges

Reforming the Congo’s security forces

Reducing maternal deaths in Africa

Mobile bank for every African pocket?


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