Ethiopian asceticism from India: Could this be the way out?

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The last of my three part series deals with asceticism as practiced in India, especially after Yogi Prahlad Jani’s 70 year fast. It holds an enticing promise for millions. This would ensure that Ethiopians aren’t burdened by disastrous government policies. It is also true that the threat of the ever imminent water war among Nile riparian countries will be dealt with. Only if the Indian government would do us a favour…

India may just have the right solution for Africa. After fifteen days of rigorous testing, it has been confirmed that the now 83 year-old Yogi Prahlad Jani lived seventy years of his life without eating or drinking. The ascetic had never urinated or defecated, confirmed a group of 30 very puzzled scientists.

Food security is so brittle in Africa that, for example, more than 10% of the population of Ethiopia survives barely on food aid. The thug claiming to be the Prime Minster of the country blames the West for the millions of starving Ethiopians in a backdrop of disastrous political and economic policies he believes will keep famine away. But the problem of famine is not only in Ethiopia, it afflicts Africans all over the continent.

Water shortage is another problem that could spiral out of control in Africa, with the current controversy over the Nile water resource serving as proof of how easily wars could break out over water. The sheer thought of Africans being able to survive without drinking water brings so many possibilities to the fore. Our ability to produce millions of Prahlad Janis could bring our most serious problems to a screeching halt.

Those who argue that this is an impossible task, simply because Africans are not ascetic, will realise upon close examination that Africans, indeed, have a natural inclination to asceticism. Suffering under brutal dictatorships, they are said to get food when, in fact, most of them starve ceaselessly, both in and out of season: A practice that could serve them well if they have to adopt asceticism. Some Africans lack drinking water for most part of the year and can easily learn to do away with the need to drink outright!

Is it not fair that India, which, like China, is scooping up resources from Africa, at least reciprocates by giving us the secret of the Yogi who did not eat or drink water for seventy years? Forget foreign aid. This is the new solution! No eating or drinking, and therefore, no need for aid!

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Hama Tuma
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