The media giant is said to have approached the music website about exchanging the social network for a stake in a new venture.

News Corp. is in talks to give control of MySpace to music Website, Bloomberg reported, citing sources.

Eloïne Barry, APO Executive Director

WikiLeaks copycat reveals Indonesia’s bloody secrets

Zimbabwe: Editor released but "dark times are back"

Zimbabwe: Police intimidate journalists ahead of 2011 polls

Egypt: The art of silencing Gamal Mubarak’s political critics

Somalia: Islamist militia takes over Horn Afrik and GBC radios

Journalists Eddy Péhé, Nanankona Gnamantéh arrested following publication of article linking president to corruption

Nigeria becomes Africa’s biggest mobile telecom market

Black Women Ignored by Mainstream Media

New Zimbabwe policies: "Vulgar" editor gets the boot

Gambian journalists living in fear under reign of terror

No news from Nigerian anti-president blogger since arrest

Botswana President accused of anti media sentiments

Ban on Nigerian television channel lifted

US film-maker accused of espionage still being held in Nigeria

Military colonel openly threatens to kill journalist

Canadian author sued by ex international goalie over false allegations

Mauritanian junta soliciting popularity pledges public media pluralism

Rupert Murdoch and Fox News now Obama allies ?

Has Kenya really moved on after election fiasco ?

Ghanaian journalist held hostage for prying into traditional chief’s sexual affairs

Founder of Windhoek Observer, Hannes Smith, dies at 75

Young people arrested over facebook affair could be charged with attempt to topple gov’t

Respected Nigerian journalist, Alhaji Babatunde Jose, dies ...

John R. Bradley’s controversial book authorised to be sold in Egypt

Cameroon : Ban on radio stations lifted but only just ...

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