Natural disaster

Nigerian oil giant shell has been taken in a Dutch court to face charges of destroying livelihoods in Nigerian villages in the Niger Delta region on Thursday.

African countries faced with food Insecurity

Japan tests food, seawater for radiation

Japan rebuild expected to last five years

Smoke fumes from 3rd Japanese nuke reactor

Fear of rising radiation levels grips Japan

Travelers stranded by Japanese earthquake

Japan faces post-tsunami nuclear crisis

Burundi: Lightning and torrential rains kill several children

Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia brace for more floods

Haiti’s invincible progress a year after disaster

The Deepwater Horizon Spill and its aftermath

South Africa rocked by series of earthquakes

Uganda: Landslide hit schools relocated to market-place

Madagascar: Death toll rises after tropical cyclone

Half a million Ugandans at risk of landslides

Uganda: 60 school children feared dead

Caribbean: Honing tsunami warning system

Africans reach out in solidarity with Haiti

Haiti: SOS via SMS

Haiti: Congo joins Senegal in rare poor-help-poor diplomacy

Tools to better understand earthquakes

Haiti: United States to meet UN request for assistance

Sychelles to join 28 countries for Indian ocean-wide tsunami drill set for 14th october 2009

East African crisis: Cold feet from the West and an unrelenting weather

Ghana and West Africa to brace for mega drought

Namibia and Zambia get disaster warnings

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