I do not want to write about the Nigerian elections. A million words have been written already . There’s a glut of articles on the many sides to the subject. A few people chose to be objective, ‘some I-never-chop’ writers have as expected gone about writing their praise singing epistles, while a few articles I read actually helped to show that like football referees, journalists and columnists have their own preferences. I don’t do what others do, so this rare piece of work is on a group of people who have suffered pain, agony and death just so these elections hold. The members of The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC)

Japan radioactivity detected in Florida

Smoke fumes from 3rd Japanese nuke reactor

Leak spreads from second Japanese nuke facility

Fear of rising radiation levels grips Japan

Japan faces post-tsunami nuclear crisis

New Zealand earthquake leaves 65 dead

One year later, Haiti still reeling from the pain

Floods affect over 200,000 in Sri Lanka

South Sudan: More gloom as kala azar hits

Tanzania police recover bodies from Lake Victoria boat accident

Nigeria-DR Congo: Strange tale of simultaneous oil disasters

Congo train disaster death toll rising

Congo: Tragic train crash leaves several dead

Cameroon DR Congo plane crash victims found

Ugandans flee village as several people die

Sad news precedes first African World cup

Israeli assault on Gaza flotilla

Libyan crash leaves one survivor, ash cloud causes "unlikely"

Uganda: Rescuers dig with bare hands, government ’clueless’

Uganda: 60 school children feared dead

Ethiopian government admits major dam collapse

The devil and Haiti

Ethiopia: $39m for crashed aircraft, victims’ compensation unclear

Ugandans donate to Haiti

Ugandans donate to Haiti disaster victims

Ethiopian PM consoles families of Airline crash victims as list confirms 90

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