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At a debate on "independence" in Africa during the second edition of the New York Forum Africa 2013 in Libreville, Gabon, the Rwandan minister for foreign affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, called into question the role of the International Criminal Court. The chief prosecutor of the ICC, Fatou Bensouda, tried to defend the judicial institution that she directs.

Argentina delegation talk over warship being detained outside Ghana

Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud challenges Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Sierra Leone court will soon deliver its final judgment

International fraud: Le Floch-Prigent charged in Togo

International fraud: Le Floch-Prigent extradited to Togo

On the Charles Taylor verdict: a valuable precedent or blundering Western meddling?

Zambia: Sudan President’s invitation to summit questioned

Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep ex US vice president out of prison

Ivory Coast: Presidential election results rejected as tension mounts

Zimbabwe: Editor released but "dark times are back"

Uganda: A pastor’s quest for the blacklisting of gays

Female circumcision and Ugandan politics

Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai to take Mugabe to court over GPA abuse

Rwanda: Hotel Rwanda hero accused of supporting rebellion

Homophobia: The violence of intolerance

Ethiopia: Top official nabbed over corruption

Uganda: Kiiza Besigye, still a thorn in Yoweri Museveni’s side

Nigeria: Group to take Rivers State to court for Police crackdown

Uganda court says dowry for brides is legal

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Wins Injunction in Post-Katrina Housing Discrimination Case

Algeria: A disturbing trial of Christians over Islamic Ramadan fast

2 more Kenyans charged with al-Shabab Uganda blasts

Rape in Mecca: Algerians seethe with anger

Western Sahara: Morocco to be sent to court by injured Spanish activists

Uganda’s sedition law scrapped

More charged with Uganda bombings

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