20 people have been shot death and others badly hurt by a gang of bandits in a raid on Kaboro village, on Tuesday in northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state, an official said

Kenyan security forces abuse residents

Somali militia threaten the UK with attacks

Clashes in Libya’s town of Bani Walid former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s bastion

Several Nigerians killed following suspected Boko Haram Islamists attacks

Resident in the city of Sirte in Libya implores for reconstruction

Suspected Al-Shabab weapon seized in Puntland

Nigeria as a terror ground: U.S. African commander "not aware"

U.S. issued ultimatum to drop Nigeria from terror list

Somalia: Al-Shabab forces World Food Program out

U.S.: Nigeria unduly punished for U.K. educated and radicalized terror suspect

Nigeria: Police clampdown on new extreme Islamic sect

Terrorism and Africa: Blood in the Sand

Nigerian syringe terror bomber: More details unfold

Nigerian al-Qaeda terror suspect was a troubled youth

Africa: Drug trade fund terrorist activities

Nigerian U.S. plane terrorist a reminder of al-Qaeda sleeper cells in northern Nigeria

Al Quaeda in the Islamic Maghreb gaining ground

Uganda beefs up security amid al-Shabab terrorist threats

Somalia: Suicide bomb attack kills 19 including gov’t ministers

Somali-Americans, al-Shabab and a growing state of unrest

Uganda dares Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamists

Somalia: War against western style education

Somalia: Al-Shabab avenge leader’s death

Somalia: Islamist Nabhan’s killing could fuel extremism...

Somalia: Nabhan, notorius Kenyan born al-Qaeda terrorist killed

Nigeria: Islamist group, Boko Haram, trained in Afghanistan

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