20 people have been shot death and others badly hurt by a gang of bandits in a raid on Kaboro village, on Tuesday in northern Nigeria’s Zamfara state, an official said

Kenyan security forces abuse residents

Somali militia threaten the UK with attacks

Clashes in Libya’s town of Bani Walid former leader Muammar Gaddafi’s bastion

Several Nigerians killed following suspected Boko Haram Islamists attacks

Resident in the city of Sirte in Libya implores for reconstruction

Suspected Al-Shabab weapon seized in Puntland

Nigeria: Government clampdown on Islamist extremism continues

Mauritania: Why the United States and France validated Abdel Aziz’s election

Morocco: Casablanca and Madrid terror suspects get heavy sentences

Mali declares war against Al-Qaeda North Africa

Ethiopia: US concerned about al-Qaeda on Somali border

10 Al Qaeda terrorists arrested in raid by security forces

Morocco dismantles islamist network calls for more collaboration from Algeria

Rebel hijackers release hostages and insist on proceeding to Paris

Hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorist in East Africa intensified

Deadly Somali bomb attack condemned

Nigerian police on alert as Hezbollah terrorist plan against Israeli interests is uncovered

Joint Military Task Force not yet aware of MENDS pipeline attacks ?

Shock over New Yorker cartoon depicting Obama as a Muslim and Michelle Obama as a terrorist

Tough court ruling against two Moroccan terrorists

Anti Halal Pornography on Canal Satellite

Guinea-Bissau fast becoming a narcotics and terrorism haven

Morocco : Authorities raid a major Al Qaeda base

UN loses top official over Algiers bomb attacks

Chevron Oil hit after president’s declaration of war on attackers

Nigeria losing record levels of revenue to oil violence

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