Islamists group who have take over the deserted North of Mali and imposing the Sharia in the region are becoming more and more brutal.

Kenya: bloody battle between Orma and Pokomo

Prices, profits and planning - the teaching of Hayek

Inch’Allah Opposition delivers Cameroon to Biya on a Platter of silver

End game in Côte d’Ivoire marks a new beginning

North Sudan: 354 Christian and Jewish Southern Sudanese Slaves Liberated

US-Nigeria: ’Trajectory of bad elections’ should be checked

African Renaissance: Rethinking Political Leadership on the Continent

Ivory Coast heading towards civil war?

Libya: The Gaddafis between the devil and the deep blue sea

Unlikely backers legitimize Black History Month observance

Libya: Gaddafi turns to son’s special forces and foreign mercenaries

Botswana warns Libya amid suspected Zimbabwe mercenaries

Libya: Independence for the east?

Libya: Gaddafi’s national address marks his end

Libya: Violent plans by military alerted as death toll rises

Libya: The Gaddafis in panic mode?

Zimbabwe: Activists arrested to prevent Egypt-Tunisian style protests

Ivory Coast: 40% of world’s cocoa under threat of destruction

Can the US allow democracy to take root in Egypt’s shifting sands?

United States of Africa: Just a nice dream?

Zimbabwe: Wives of officials off EU sanctions list

Uganda: Museveni rejects winds of change

Libya: Gaddafi warns against use of Facebook, activists arrested

Ethiopia: Four NGOs get government ban

After clampdown Algeria protesters vow to return

Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, who’s Arab world’s next?

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