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Most mornings I pass by the American Embassy on my way to the gym. There is always a long queue of people waiting patiently, expectantly, hopefully, clutching envelops and file folders stuffed with documents, photographs, receipts. Seeing them fills me with a huge sadness. This whole business of applying for travel visas can be remarkably gruelling and, I dare say, downright abusive.

Treason cases split Zimbabwe lawyers association

To Return Or Not to Return

Zimbabweans in South Africa risk deportation after passport office fire

South Africa: A deliberate move to deport Zimbabwean immigrants?

Nigeria’s mass deportations to root out extremism ahead of polls?

Gabon deports several Whites for racism

South Africa’s battle against cowardice

UK gets ready to send thousands of Zimbabweans back home

Second class French citizens?

Zimbabwe: Chilling tales of abuse of African immigrants emerge

South Africa: Black foreign nationals flee over xenophobic attack fears

Morocco and Spain strengthen immigration cooperation

Libya and Spain discuss controversial immigration pact

Zimbabwean asylum seekers top UN chart ahead of Somalia, Afghanistan

Libya: Gaddafi coerces Europe’s ’Economic Survey of Black America’ Finds Overwhelming Majority of African-Americans Believe Creating Jobs is More Important Than Reducing the Deficit

Ghana- IOM Organizes Regional Training Workshop on Protection of Migrants in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in Accra, Ghana, May 4-6

Indignities implicit in Arizona immigration crackdown

Mali Remains a Country of Emigration and Transit, IOM Migration Profile Confirms

Somalia: IOM Assists Ethiopian Migrants Stranded in Somalia with Return Home and Reintegration

U.S.: Minority Advocates, Constituents Differ on Immigration

Angola: International Office of Migration Provides Support to Vulnerable Returnee Communities in Angola

African Immigrants in Italy: A shadow of ethnic cleansing?

Ghana: Skilled Ghanaians increasing look to countries outside of Africa for work

Mali’s prostitution gold mines a transit point to Europe?

East Africa: UK and IOM Support East African Community in enhancing free movement of people between partner ptates

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