Egypt’s new president Mohammed Mursi, issued a decree on Monday pardoning all those arrested in support of the revolution since the beginning of the popular unrest leading to Hosni Mubarak, stepping down power.

Africa’s MDG Quagmire: Moving beyond the goals

Tuareg and AQIM: The unlikely jihadist bedmates

Marshal-Plan for Africa after "colonial rape"?

Nigeria: Group moves to halt "inhumane" government project

Africa’s remarkable fight against poverty

The bright spots of Millenium Development Goals in Africa

Nigeria-DR Congo: Strange tale of simultaneous oil disasters

Sierra Leone suffers stagnant growth despite British ’take-over’

Equatorial Guinea Statement on UNESCO Decision to Delay the Award of the UNESCO-Obiang Mbasogo Prize

Equatorial Guinea: "Dictator Prize" suspension only a temporary fix, says Human Rights Watch

Worldwide hunger on the rise

USADF Signs Two Economic Development Grants: Funds Will Support Coffee and Sunflower Seed Oil Production in Uganda

Climate change threat to Africa: Adaptation a priority

Zimbabwe: Almost 80% of population is absolutely poor

Nigeria’s Niger Delta: A shaky peace process and rehabilitation program

Swaziland: Poverty encourages ancestral practices

Oil rich Equitorial Guinea : Corrupt and abysmally poor

Scraps gnaw at the future of Sierra Leonean children

16 billion dollars raised in anti-poverty summit

Africa records drastic decline in poverty levels

More children on the street in Congo

Zimbabwe : A nation of billionaires

White South Africans also suffer

Zimbabwe’s economy is heading for a crash

Counterfeit drugs and poverty increasingly going hand in glove

A G8 dilemma : Aiding Africa or aiding corruption

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