A Liberian accused of organising a deadly attack on UN peacekeepers in Ivory Coast has been arrested in northern Liberia, officials said on Thursday.

Rwanda elected for UN non permanent Security council seat

Libya: The dangers of leaving Gaddafi in power

Libya: Gaddafi and his Mali-Chad Tuareg mercenaries

Ivory Coast civil war could destabilize region

Libya: Light at the end of tunnel for freedom fighters

Ethiopia led Nile treaty gains ground as Burundi joins

Egypt’s anti-democracy militias raise concern

Algeria’s of state of emergency: The more things change...

Libya: International forces close in on Muammar Gaddafi

Ivory Coast heading towards civil war?

Zimbabwe: Activists arrested to prevent Egypt-Tunisian style protests

Nigeria: Military seizes weapons from Islamist militia

Nigerian businesses looted in Harare Zimbabwe

Uganda: Heavy security deployment trigger concern

John Mahama: The Politics of Peace

Privatizing Somalia’s war on Piracy

Arms cache in South Africa biggest in recent years

Nigeria Electoral Commission tested in Delta gubernatorial election

Nigeria: Ex-military leader behind Christmas and New Year’s Day attacks?

Zambia: Coup plotter set free on humanitarian grounds

Nigeria: Muslim extremist group clamped down

Ugandan women don’t want their breasts checked by police

Uganda Will Not Abandon Somali Brothers and Sisters

South Africa: A deliberate move to deport Zimbabwean immigrants?

Ivory Coast: Forced removal of incumbent President called for

Somalia: Government gradually takes over capital

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