Neither male nor female, Said, 45, was born intersex (hermaphrodite). As a result of this condition, Said has never had access to real work or any decent medical care. Dreaming of reversing this condition, Said dreams of becoming a "man" to live live a normal life.

Gaddafi’s "grave secret" threat triggers French internet craze

Libya: Israeli music video featuring Gaddafi speech hits youtube top

Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai to go to court over love child

Malawi’s jailed witches get a lease of life

11 year old girl suffers 8 month rape ordeal by 14 men

Teenage boy shocks court after raping 12yr old boy

Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s son inherits mother’s IQ?

Zuma caught between sex scandals and polygamy

Uganda: Local gin mixture ’nguli’ kills several

President Zuma weds fifth wife, another to follow soon

South African President Zuma’s US$8m plus home renovations

Kenya-Uganda: Traders sell food mixed with soil and sand

Southern Sudan: No sabotage involved in President’s plane crash

Arrests made in ring that sold human fat

Zimbabwe: Mugabe keeping his personal belongings at Tsvangirai’s official home

A gorilla for a friend on Facebook or Twitter from Uganda with love

Zimbabwean plunges to death to save tourist at Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe: Traditional chiefs fight with MPs over luxury cars for respect

Freak snake stories on the rise in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: 80 year old woman armed robber on the run

Tunisia: Woman expecting 12 babies experienced phantom pregnancy

Zimbabwe: Minister accused of mobile phone theft sued for US$19 million

Ghana: When a young woman gets married to a dog

Malaysia-Zimbabwe international football scandal: Local club poses as national team

South Africans prepare to celebrate Mandela Day, but grandson fights rumours over selling funeral rights

Shocking Spanish police maltreatment of African immigrant caught on film

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